The best way to keep your home protected from damage that can be caused by water and time, is hiring a company that provides painting services and has the specialty of doing restorations in case the paint is peeling or losing color. If these types of problems are not resolved in time, what can happen is that the wood can end up rotting and you will have to replace the entire piece, giving way to additional expense, then it is best to hire a company to help you with restoration of damage caused by time and humidity.

Eagle Painting & Restoration helps to homeowners in Portland, OR avoid replacing complete pieces of wood if the restoration project is seen on time. If you start to see a piece of drywall or siding start to fade or become damaged, it's time to get down to business and provide a solution.

Our restoration service can solve all these problems by removing all peeling paint, sanding the surfaces and applying a surface of sealer before applying the paint. This is a process which is under a design that helps prevent moisture from reaching the interior and damaging the entire piece, guaranteeing surface protection for many years at your home in Portland, OR.